At Carter’s Heating & Cooling, we are regularly contacted by new clients who need us to do repair work for their geothermal system. In addition to the strong reputation we’ve built for quality work, a common reason new clients choose us is because the company that originally installed their geothermal system won’t service it. This situation often gets so bad that a someone with a geothermal system can’t even get the original installer to pick up the phone.

Why Are Problems with Geothermal Installers So Common?

Geothermal is an exciting technology that can provide excellent results for people who opt to have it installed. However, some homeowners are hesitant to pursue geothermal options because they’ve heard stories from others about all the problems they encountered during the course of getting a system installed.

The main reason that these types of problems are so commonly associated with geothermal systems is because plenty of companies advertise that they do geothermal work. Since this technology only continues to grow in popularity, the companies that advertise assume it’s a good way to attract new business. The problem is since they don’t have the specialized knowledge required for this work, they end up contracting it out without knowing if the work is being done properly.

Getting It Right the First Time

As veterans of the geothermal industry, we’re not limited to only providing repairs. Our experience and knowledge mean that we are also able to offer new construction work. Because we actually do this type of work on a regular basis, we are able to prevent our clients from experiencing the types of common problems discussed in the section above.

From wine rooms to heated high-end pools, Carter’s Heating & Cooling is passionate about all of the different applications for geothermal energy. If you’re also excited about this type of project, we’re the company you want to work with. Doing so will give you the peace of mind that goes along with knowing everything is being done correctly from the start.

We Offer Expertise You Can Count On: (402) 740-3577

Although there are numerous exciting aspects to geothermal energy, many people’s experiences are dampened as a result of shoddy installation work. Fortunately, our team can remedy even the biggest mistakes that are made with how a system is installed. Not only do we have the ability to repair existing problems, but we help people avoid those problems in the first place by actually handling the installation work. With whatever we’re doing, our focus is always on doing a truly great job.

If you’re in need of geothermal repair work because your current system isn’t working or you’re exploring different possibilities for installing a new geothermal system, (402) 740-3577 is the number to call for dependable help from Carter’s Heating & Cooling.