As we enter what is usually the hottest month of the year, many homeowners worry that they will be hit with a large cooling bill as they try to combat the end-of-summer heat. Fortunately, there are some easy do-it-yourself fixes that can add up to big savings. Here are five that you can try:

Close Off Rooms You Don’t Need

Do you have a large house with numerous rooms you rarely use? This often happens with families who have had kids go off to college or have other changes in their living situation. If you have rooms you rarely use, consider closing the vents and shutting the doors so you aren’t cooling spaces that are largely unoccupied.

Change Filters

If you haven’t changed your system’s filter in a few months, it could be harming your AC’s efficiency. Take a look at the filter and see if it looks dirty or clogged. If so, make a point to change it as soon as possible.

Close Blinds or Curtains

We all love the feel of warm sunshine coming into our home, but it can have an impact on your cooling bill. Consider closing curtains or blinds, especially during the hottest and sunniest hours of the day. If you want to feel the warm sun, head out to your deck or patio.

Make Use of Fans

If your home has ceiling fans, you should be using them liberally. Ceiling fans recirculate air and provide cooling breezes that can allow you to turn the temp up on your AC and lower your bill. If you don’t have ceiling fans, consider buying some circulating fans and put them in rooms where your family often gathers.

Turn Down the AC When You’re Gone

There’s no reason to cool the home all day if no one is going to be there. Consider turning the temp up to 78 or 79 while you and your family are at work or out of the house. This gives the system a rest and it will be easy to get the temps back down as soon as you get home. If you have an automatic thermostat, you can program the unit so you don’t have to remember each time you leave.

Though the cooler fall weather is just around the corner, you can still use the above tips to save on these last hot days of summer. If you’d like to save significant money on your utility bills, please reach out to us. We’d love to tell you about geothermal and other energy-efficient heating and cooling options!