If you’re interested in heating and cooling your home or business in the most efficient way possible, geothermal energy is the answer. According to the EPA, the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling system is geothermal energy.

How Geothermal Energy Works

Whether you’re in Omaha, another part of Nebraska or Iowa, we can all agree that the weather around these parts isn’t what you’d call subtle. Not only can the winters get quite frigid, but things heat up substantially once the summer arrives. With a standard heating & cooling system, those major temperature changes generally signal steep utility bills.

But with a geothermal energy system, things are done differently. Although the weather around you will continue to change throughout the year, that’s not the case under the ground. Most people are surprised to learn that temperatures below the earth’s surface stay fairly consistent. Since there’s a source of energy that’s consistent and reachable, a geothermal system taps right into it.

The other main role of a geothermal system is to switch between heating & cooling. So when it’s cold outside, the system will bring warmer air up into your home. And when it’s hotter outside, warm air from inside the home is expelled back out through the system. Because geothermal systems work throughout the entire year, they’re able to keep the inside of a home at an ideal temperature.

Stay Comfortable and Save Money

There’s no shortage of products and gadgets that are designed to maximize people’s comfort when they’re at home. The problem with many of these offerings is it can end up costing quite a bit to use them on an ongoing basis. What makes geothermal energy all the more appealing is it actually helps you save money while providing excellent comfort. Once this type of system is installed in your home or business, it becomes possible to reduce energy costs by anywhere from 40% to 70%. Since those savings come without sacrificing any comfort, it’s a great deal!

Although we touched on it at the beginning of the page, it’s worth reiterating that geothermal energy has been cited as the most environmentally friendly way to control the temperature inside a home. So while there are many things in life where you simply can’t have it all, residential or commercial energy is one example of where having it all is possible.

Replace Your Existing System or Install During New Construction

If you’re planning to replace your existing system or are doing new construction, Carter’s Heating & Cooling can help you enjoy all the benefits that geothermal energy has to offer. With our help, you’ll have no trouble getting the right system installed. In fact, starting the process is as simple as giving us a call at (402) 740-3577.