There are a lot of myths about residential heating and cooling. While there are also some myths about commercial heating and cooling, the reason that residential myths are so prevalent is because homeowners are always looking for the best ways to save money on their monthly utility bill. Since Carter’s Heating & Cooling supports homeowners saving money on their utility bills whenever possible, we want to help set the record straight on several common myths. Knowing the truth about these types of myths is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t accidentally focus all of your attention on something that isn’t going to actually help you save money. So with that goal in mind, let’s dive right in to clearing up some myths:

You Should Always Turn Off Your Heating & Cooling When Leaving Home

On the surface, turning off your system when you’re away from home seems like a solid way to save some money. However, the reason this approach can actually backfire is because not running your system all day will result in the temperature getting much higher or lower. Since that temperature isn’t going to be very comfortable, you’re going to want to improve it when you get home.

Bringing your Omaha home’s temperature back to a comfortable level means your system is going to have to work really hard. As a result, you can end up using more energy than if you wouldn’t have completely turned off the system while you were away. So while it can make sense to let your home get a little hotter or cooler when you’re away, it’s generally best not to turn your system all the way off.

Fans are a Great Way to Cool Down Your House

It is true that a ceiling fan can make you feel cooler. However, it’s important to understand that fans don’t physically lower the temperature in a space. Since the effect they create only works when you’re in a room to feel it, constantly running all your ceiling fans will actually waste energy.

You Should Try to Make Your HVAC System Last Forever

Since a quality heating and cooling system is an investment, it’s something that should last for quite awhile. If you start experiencing any minor problems with your system, it’s probably going to make the most sense to enlist professional repair help from Carter’s Heating & Cooling. That being said, the time may come when it makes more financial sense to install a new system instead of trying to continue repairing the existing one. An added benefit of upgrading to a newer heating & cooling system is you’ll enjoy improved efficiency. So if you’re at a point where you’re trying to decide which option is best, don’t hesitate to ask for our professional opinion.

Get Clear Answers and Great Service from Carter’s Heating & Cooling

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