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New Construction

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Building a new home can be an exciting process. What’s great about new home construction is it gives you the opportunity to create the house that you truly want. Instead of needing to settle for certain elements that you may not like all that much, new home construction makes it possible to mark off every box on your checklist.

Since there are so many options that go along with new residential construction, people often take plenty of time to look at what all is available to them. If you’re currently going through this evaluation process, a geothermal or other energy efficient system may be one thing that has caught your eye. Because new home construction is an ideal opportunity to install this type of system, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about one.

What Makes Geothermal & Other Energy Efficient Systems So Appealing?

The appeal of this type of system starts with the fact that it’s very efficient. With older heating and cooling systems, high and low temperatures mean that the systems have to work extremely hard to keep indoor conditions at a comfortable temperature. This results in utility bills that can be quite costly.
The great thing about a geothermal system is these big swings in resource requirements aren’t necessary. Instead, a geothermal system is able to keep a home comfortable throughout the year while exerting minimal energy. That’s all thanks to the fact that geothermal energy offers a very green way to keep your home comfortable.

How much money can you save by making this switch? While the total amount depends on the size of your new home, the general rule of thumb is that for every 1 unit of standard electricity, a geothermal system can generate 4 units of “free” energy from the earth. That incredible efficiency can result in savings of as high as seventy percent.

Not only will a geothermal system keep your new house very comfortable and allow you to save money, but it will do so in a way that’s very environmentally friendly. To make things even better, you’ll find that you have less maintenance requirements than you would with a traditional system. The same is true for installing this kind of system in a new commercial building.
And even if you ultimately decide that geothermal isn’t the perfect fit for your home, you can still opt for a highly efficient heating and cooling system. By choosing a model that’s Energy Star certified, you’ll be able to enjoy lower utility bills, lots of comfort and minimal maintenance requirements.

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The Best Way to Get a New System Installed

Because there are so many different things that it can do, the prospect of adding a geothermal or other energy efficient system to your new home can be very exciting. Just keep in mind that there is quite a bit that goes into properly installing a new system. That’s why you want to choose the right company for this job.

At Carter’s Heating & Cooling, we’re experts at installing this type of system. Since we take care of everything from beginning to end, all you’ll have to do is start enjoying everything this system provides for your new home. Call us at (402) 740-3577 to talk more about the ideal heating and cooling system for your new construction home.

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