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Carter’s Heating and Air Helps Renovate Lofts on 24th

9 March 2017 Carters Comments Closed

  Historic renovations have always been a favorite project at Carter’s. The unique challenges of updating an older building and maintaining its historic integrity while modernizing it at the same time always presents an interesting project. The Lofts on 24th was a recent renovation project that the team at Carter’s enjoyed working on. A new […]

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Energy Saving Tip #34

17 February 2017 carters Comments Closed

Think keeping electronics on continually rather than turning them on and off frequently? FALSE! The myth is still around because when personal computers first hit the market a few decades ago they consumed tons of energy. So it was better to keep them running, rather than shutting them off after every use. Today’s electronics are […]

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Energy Saving Tip #33

10 February 2017 carters Comments Closed

If your heating system isn’t expelling its exhaust properly, a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide or other gasses may result.  During a seasonal maintenance tune-up, the chimney flue or vent stack should be checked to ensure there is no corrosion, leaks or back drafting.  

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Energy Saving Tip #32

7 February 2017 carters Comments Closed

Hiking up your thermostat’s temperature will NOT heat your home faster. If you’re furnace is running it’s already operating at maximum capacity. Turning it up will only cause it to run for a longer time period. , and might even end up making your home too hot. 

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Energy Saving Tip #31

27 January 2017 carters Comments Closed

Keep your air vents clear. Blocked air vents force your HVAC system to work 25% harder to heat or cool a space.

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