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5 Space Heater Safety Tips

2 October 2017 carters Comments Closed

As the cold weather moves into our area of the world, many folks begin considering how they will keep warm this winter. While an efficient and modern furnace should do the trick when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, many people have older homes with units that can no longer keep up with the […]

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Preparing Your Furnace for Winter

19 September 2017 carters Comments Closed

Preparing Your Furnace for Winter   No one wants to think about winter coming, but the truth is, it could be only a couple of months before temperatures begin falling to the point where we need to kick on the heater. After not being in use all summer, your furnace may not be ready to […]

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Five Ways To Save on Your Energy Bill

3 July 2017 carters Comments Closed

Five Ways To Save on Your Energy Bill   As we enter what is usually the hottest month of the year, many homeowners worry that they will be hit with a large cooling bill as they try to combat the end-of-summer heat. Fortunately, there are some easy do-it-yourself fixes that can add up to big savings. […]

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Carter’s Heating and Air Helps Renovate Lofts on 24th

9 March 2017 Carters Comments Closed

  Historic renovations have always been a favorite project at Carter’s. The unique challenges of updating an older building and maintaining its historic integrity while modernizing it at the same time always presents an interesting project. The Lofts on 24th was a recent renovation project that the team at Carter’s enjoyed working on. A new […]

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Energy Saving Tip #34

17 February 2017 carters Comments Closed

Think keeping electronics on continually rather than turning them on and off frequently? FALSE! The myth is still around because when personal computers first hit the market a few decades ago they consumed tons of energy. So it was better to keep them running, rather than shutting them off after every use. Today’s electronics are […]

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